Novelty Mini Books

Nine Publishing, Inc.
New York, NY
Miniature format: 2.75″ x 3.5″

To My Mother, A Bouquet of Quotes
This book is a celebration of our mothers — advisor, confidante, care-taker, and friend. Thank you for staying calm in the face of adversity, offering support when it is needed most, and always being there with a generous supply of love.

To My Daughter, A Bouquet of Quotes
With humor, honesty, and above all, respect, this book offers a glorious compilation of shared insights, anecdotes, and advice for daughters of all ages.

The Little Book of Knots
This lively introduction to the world of knots is filled with simple step-by-step instructions and very helpful illustrations. Open this little book and you will be tying useful knots in just a few minutes.

The Little Book of Magic
Welcome to a world of mystery, enchantment, and the unexplained. After only a few minutes, with this book, you will be performing your first trick and astounding your audience.

Texas Hold ‘Em: Winning Keys & Strategies
Before you play your next game of Texas Hold ’em, whether for fun at home with your friends or for money at the casino, read this book to help you improve your game and your chances to win!


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  • To My Mother mini book
    To My Mother, A Bouquet of Quotes
  • To My Daughter mini book
    To My Daughter, A Bouquet of Quotes
  • Book of Knots, Book of Magic, Texas Hold 'Em