Attorney Shelley Carder
San Diego, CA 
A website redesign for a lawyer who defends the Medical Staff's right of self-governance, highlighting its crucial connection with the governing body. The goal is to create an engaging and user-friendly online platform that showcases the attorney's expertise in finding legal solutions that protect patients and their communities.
The site designed on the Wix platform was a one-pager with a dark background. It had a non-functional blog and the imagery used was typical for a law firm, lacking representation of the medical side of the firm.
The redesign introduced two additional pages, enhancing the overall structure of the website. By incorporating a white background for the text, the site now boasts a visually pleasing and brighter aesthetic. Notably, the cover image intelligently combines two photos to effectively depict the intersection of medical and legal domains, accurately capturing the essence of medical law.
Leveraging the capabilities of Photoshop, I merged two stock photos to craft a visually compelling representation of the concept of medical law.

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